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    Text Roleplay Forum Rules Empty Text Roleplay Forum Rules

    Post  Mk1995x on Mon Feb 02, 2009 1:43 pm

    Text Roleplay Forum Rules

    1. No racist, or excessively inappropriate remarks.
    2. No sexual/disturbing pictures.
    3. No going off topic!
    4. Have fun!
    5. Only one account at a time.
    6. No serious prejudice comments/remarks.
    7. Please use this forum only for text roleplaying.
    8. Don't make a whole roleplay based on text fighting, that should go onto the off topic forum.
    9. Follow the text roleplay, don't ruin it on purpose.

    You are expected to follow these rules while using the forum, if they are not followed, your comment will be deleted or your account will be banned/suspended.

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