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    Post  Duke Nukem on Mon Feb 02, 2009 2:38 pm

    this is basically a topic for just ... well posting really.

    here is the Basic Storyline you and many of your friends have agreed to fight to the death in a mansion. they have no idea who organized this but you're all told that the prize at the end is worth it.

    basically same text rping rules apply exept you can jump in at any time. also you cant just pull out random weapons from no where because thats not realistic. you come in with what you have... also don't say you bring in a bunch of wepons :P that would be gay. no god modding. your human not some kind of demon and you CAN die... just don't flat out kill someone give them a chance ... I'll start us off

    Duke walks into a Dark room of a very old and creepy mansion. in the middle of the room is a long couch facing a fire place that lights the room. There is a door to the east that goes into a dinning room, and another to the west that leads to a study. Duke takes out his magnum and loads a clip into it making sure no one is in the room with him.

    Duke hides in a corner of the room crouched with his magnum. Duke is very hard to see in the shadow of the corner. Duke waits for someone to come along.

    *there you go now also i remind you that you DO NOT! have to all stay in one room. you can go up stairs. if you do go into another room be sure to tell the layout of the room like i did with the opening room :)*

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